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I love books. So much in fact that my 5th grade teacher once ratted me out to my mom that I “read too much”.  I couldn’t help it – I had already finished the required reading book so what else could I do in class except read other books?

To this day, my love affair with books continues to grow. Whenever I find myself without social plans, my heart flutters with glee at the thought of spending an entire afternoon in Barnes & Noble or Shakespeare & Co.

So you can only imagine my elation when I found out that one of my recipes was selected by Foodista to be published in the first EVER cookbook to emerge from social media –  Foodista Best Of Food Blogs Cookbook.  I screamed, I cried, I did a little dance – something I wrote and created was going to be printed in a real book!

The beautiful volume boasts of 100 delicious recipes and tantalizing food-porn photos from bloggers around the world, many of whom I have become friends with through the Food Blogosphere. It is a great honor to be included amongst such talent, and I can say firsthand that this book has been my bedtime reading for the past few weeks. The recipes truly highlight the originality and diversity of the food blogger community.

To celebrate the book release, Foodista is offering a chance to win prizes for those who buy the book on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 from the hours of 1-2pm (Eastern Standard Time).  See here for more details. This book would make an wonderful and unique Holiday gift for any foodie, so grab a few copies now!

PS: Can you find me in this montage of foodie photos? Where’s Shelly?


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Blogger Awards!

When I started this blog, I was just seeking a creative outlet to pour in my passion for food and document my experiments in the kitchen. Then I discovered a whole entire food community, with lovely like-minded people, who share with me a voracious love for all things food-related and have given me so much support and advice.

So when I received these Blogger Awards from my dear foodie friends, I was astonished and flattered beyond words. I received the first award from Simply Life about a month ago (sorry, I’m so behind!). Gina is one of the most diligent bloggers I know. I look forward to reading her daily postings of healthy, delicious comfort dishes. I get so many ideas and inspiration from her ingredients. So now, I’m passing this on to 10 other bloggers with lovely blogs


  1. Nicole @  Making Good Choices – A fitness-ista with great recipes that are well-ness focused
  2. Karine @ Food Gourmand – A converted cook who could not tear herself away from the kitchen once she discovered the pleasure of creating meals
  3. Taste Hong Kong – A blog filled with beautiful mouth-watering Asian dishes
  4. Lori Lynn @ Taste With the Eyes – Photos so mouth-watering, you’ll want to lick your computer screen!
  5. Mary @ Foodo Del Mundo – Also another blog with delicious photos, and someone who is always there to give me advice as I’m a newbie exploring this blogosphere
  6. Tasty Trix – One of the most witty blog writers – reading her posts always gives me a good belly laugh
  7. Little Chef and I – Along with her little chef, she creates delectable dishes complete with step by step photo instructions
  8. Debi @ Debi Shawcross Table Talk – The hostess with the mostest. Everything you need to know on how to beautifully entertain
  9. Rouxbe – If you are a visual learner, her cooking videos are absolutely unrivaled
  10. Terry and Reiko @ Culinary Tribune – Where I visit to learn about everything Japanese Cuisine related

A few days ago, I also received a Kreativ Blogger Award from the wonderful couple at  Vegetable Matter. They cook these amazing meals with the most exotic vegetables grown out of their magical garden.  Each time I see one of their lush, juicy ingredients taken straight out of their backyard, I am just green with envy! The rules of this award is to confess 7 things people might not know about me, and pass on to 7 bloggers. First the confessions:



  • Up until 2 years ago, before I started taking cooking seriously, I used to cook with Prego. I know, embarrassing, but true.
  • I am terrified of pigeons! Something about their red beady eyes and erratic flapping scares the living daylights out of me. I will seriously give them the right of way when encountering them on the street.
  • On that same note, I became a vegetarian after I read and watched Hitchcock’s “The Birds” in Freshman English class, and dreamt that night about chickens attacking me. That was the last time I ate chicken nuggets or any meat.
  • As a child, I thought avocados and eggplants were mushy and bland, but now they’re 2 of my favorite things.
  • My guilty TV pleasure is Gossip Girl. I have a group of girlfriends whom I watch this with religiously to the point that our boyfriends have taken to referring to us as the “gossip girls”.  When they filmed 3 buildings away from my apt last Friday, I gave up all shred of dignity as I shrieked “Chase Crawford”!
  • Even though I speak and think in English, I apparently sleep-talk in Chinese from time to time.
  • The best way to get on my bad side is to call and wake me up before noon on a weekend.

Now, the passing of the baton – 7 Kreative Bloggers –

  1. Alta @ Tasty Eats At Home – Delicious comfort food, all gluten free, but so tasty you wouldn’t even suspect
  2. Elizabeth @ Guilty Kitchen – The best of both words – Healthy guiltless entrees followed by decadent guilty desserts
  3. Mr and Mrs Bear @ Bears Kitchen – The largest, most eclectic collection of recipes from countries I haven’t even heard of
  4. Big Girls Small Kitchen – This should be every post-college grad’s bible to cooking
  5. The Ungourmet – Simple yet delicious meals
  6. Tania @ Dulcis In Furno – Inspiring recipes, amazing photos. I draw so much inspiration from her
  7. Five Star Foodie – Yummy foodie dishes beautifully presented

There are so many great bloggers and I wish I could’ve given out more! I tried to pass on to those who haven’t already received the same awards, so if I didn’t pass it on to you, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to, but because you’re already too in demand!

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Hi Everyone! My name is Shelly and I have a curious appetite for all things creative and  inspirational. I’m lucky to live in the most wonderful city in the world – NYC, offering some of the most delicious food and stimulating experiences a girl could ask for.

I’m a vegetarian who believes in eating well and living happily. As just another player in the heartless corporate world, I discovered that the delight of cooking a simple meal does wonders for my trapped creativity and relieves the burden from the daily grind. Since then, I spend my weekends experimenting with new recipes, throwing in twists of my own.  

I also enjoy spending a lot of time traveling (when possible) and being a tourist in my own city, so this blog will be a combination of recipes, great food gems around the country/world, and adventures in my urban jungle/oasis.

Hope you enjoy it!

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